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Using the Donchian Indicator to enhance your Trading

The Donchian channel is available for purchase here.

Richard Davoud Donchian was an Armenian-American commodities and futures trader, and pioneer in the field of managed futures who came up with a simple intuitive indicator called the Donchian channel. It is basically based on the lowest low value or the highest high value in a given period of time:


As mentioned, Donchian is based on marking the lowest low line or the highest high line, so visually you see the trend of the product. Whenever the product reached a value which is higher than the last 24 values or lower than the previous ones, a new markup will start until it reverses.
Calculating it with MQL is straightforward, to find out the highest value of the product in a given period, we use the following snippet:
double HighestHigh=iClose(Symbol(),Period(),iHighest(Symbol(),Period(),MODE_CLOSE,TradePeriod,0));

Here, reading from right to left, we first find the shift of the highest value using a call to iHighest, and then, u…