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Release Management Pattern for Expert Advisors

The Challenge

As an FX algotrader who is implementing his own Expert Advisers, I make code changes from time to time which must be reflected in the production environment as soon as possible. But running Experts on different hosts with different brokers means that I need to login to each box, update the SVN repo, compile and install the Expert again. What if this task could be automated? So every time I check in a new version, the Expert auto update and restarts itself.

That´s exactly the setup I am going to explain in this post. Once understood, you will be able to implement the same method in your code and have your Experts always running the last version as soon as you check in, sort of release management setup for Metatrader.

Before divining into the actual setup, make sure you familiarize yourself with MQL5Storage and how to register to get it by visiting this link.

Metatrader Setup

Before looking at the code changes, we need to make sure Metatrader is set up properly to update the lo…