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How to Remote Control an Expert Adviser in MQL4 using Pending Orders


Our goal as algotraders, is to create an autonomous trading algorithm with as little as possible manual intervention. An algorithm which can run by it's own on a certain product while we are doing something else, letting the money work classic paradigm.

Alas, sometimes life is not the way we want to be and the algorithm we design, programmed and tested behaves completely different under certain market conditions. But you're not always next to your PC, you're not always able to perform or change something as you have your own life. Assuming you're sitting in your favourite bar with friends and suddenly some news event happens which impacts significantly the volatility, what can you do then?

I had the same scenarios over and over again, where I couldn't control my expert adviser without logging into my PC or to the remote PC to make the actual change, which was really frustrating and time consuming. I was thinking again and again, why isn't there a way …