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The Ten Commandments for Successful Trading


By now, you have probably numerous articles written by professionals telling you how to succeed in trading. These posts were basically telling that you do X or follow plan Y, your trading skills will improve significantly and you will be one step away from retirement and living the dream.

And then reality kicked in, you actually tried, follow the plan step by step but it didn't work. So you read another article, another tip and nothing changes. Why?! I asked myself the same question, and to be honest the answer is quite simple, there is no magic trick, there is no single trick that works generically for everyone and there's no plan for beating the market!

So, instead of telling you what you should do, I will tell you what I do and leave the choice with you if you want to follow or not. I will not claim that I have a method to make you a millionaire overnight and all this crap... I will simply write 10 points which I do my best to follow, 10 painful points which I had…