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FX Trading Q&A


Since I joined Quora platform, my profile is overflooded with questions to do with FX Trading, investig and algotrading. The goal of this post is to summarize the different quetsions I answered already so there is single point to search.

Questions & Answers

How long did it take you to become a profitable trader?
I started in 2008, but only in the last three years my hard work started to pay off. Until then, it was mostly losses, mistakes, wrong strategies and decisions.

The main things I wish I knew back then:

Choose the right broker, one that has the best execution, minimal spreads and excellent customer service. Those who offer gifts and bonuses were mainly causing me more damage than benefit. I did find Darwinex but it took me ages.
Don't buy robots, develop your own strategy. All the robots I bought was a complete disaster and cause me more losses, I learned the hard way that no one sells a successful strategy.
Keep the leverage as low as possible, never use the full …

Moving Averages Trader Implementation for MetaTrader 4

Introduction Moving averages trading is the most basic and common trading strategy. It is quoted in most of the trading books and articles and is very easy to follow and implement. The basic strategy is two moving averages, a fast one which is adjusting quicker to the current trend than a slow one.

A classic setup is looking at the 50 days moving average of a certain product and check whether it is above or below the 200 days moving average. If it is above, it is an indicator for going long with this product, if it is below, it is an indicator to short the product.

In this post, I will introduce a basic implementation of an expert adviser, which based on the inputs will trade the product using the price moving averages. You may use it as a basis for something else, modify it as you wish etc.

Input Parameters These input parameters are controlling the moving average calculation:

input int FastMovingAveragePeriod=50;//Fast Moving Average Period input int SlowMovingAveragePeriod=100;//s…