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How to Communicate Between MetaTrader Terminals using Files


Do you need different MetaTrader terminals to be able to communicate between themselves?

Some reasons to implement this logic could be:

Trading with different accounts which need to know on each other status.
Trading with different brokers which needs to have the same orders open.
Using one terminal to notify another terminal upon a certain trading condition.

The use case which enforced me to communicate between different terminals, was a strategy running on one account that had to notify another terminal to open orders once certain conditions were met. The second strategy was a derivative of the first one, so it had a dependency on its behavior. But I didn’t want to run both strategies in the same terminal as I wanted the order book to be clean and not a mixture of these two strategies.

Important: this solution will only work if the terminals are running on the same PC, otherwise, you need to consider using other methods like reading remote URL or using FTP.


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