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Common MQL4 Functions Library

Description Top-quality MetaTrader 4 library with different functions to support you with improving your returns. All functions were tested thoroughly and optimized for minimal speed and latency.

Calculate orders profit based on type:
double LongOrdersProfit(string argSymbol) export double ShortOrdersProfit(string argSymbol) export
Close orders based on a specific condition:
bool CloseOrder(int argOrder) export
bool CloseOrder(int argOrder,double argLotSize) export bool CloseLongOrders(string argSymbol) export bool CloseShortOrders(string argSymbol) export bool ClosePendingOrder(int argOrder) export bool CloseAllPendingOrders() export bool CloseAllProfitingOrders(string argSymbol) export bool CloseAllLosingOrders() export bool CloseAllOrders(int argMagicNumber) export bool CloseAllOrders(string argSymbol) export bool CloseAllOrders() export
Verify the lot size is valid for this symbol:
double VerifyLotSize(string argSymbol,double argLotSize) export

Calculate lot size based on risk paramete…